Home Air Conditioning Repair and Service Its What We Do Best!

CJ Air Solutions Inc, offers the best ac repair service in Garland Tx. With our total indoor air comfort products and services for central residential air conditioning & heating repair ,maintenance, as well as commercial heating and air repair service, at reasonable rates.

If We Cant Repair It No One Can!!

There Is No Air Conditioning We Can`t Repair

Even if other ac companies tell you it cant be fixed well let us show you it can be done. Here at CJ`s air conditioning repair is what we specialize on. All of our team of real air conditioning repair technicians know how to repair any air conditioning over the phone… how is that for a peace of mind?

Our air conditioning repair techs can tear down and reassemble any brand air conditioner with a blind fold. They know what they are doing and have been doing it for many years and will continue for many more. Because our team of air conditioning repair team love what they do.

AC Repair Savings

Get  $50 off any repair over $150

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AC Repair Coupon

Get  $10 off Diagnostic Fee

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We Know How Frustrating Can Be To Choose The Right AC Repair Company

So we have put together the reasons of why CJ air solutions heating and air conditioning repair should be the one you need to for your air conditioning repair.

  • 50+ years of combined experience repairing air conditioners in the DFW.
  • We can always fix your air conditioning Guraranteed
  • 100% guaranteed work
  • CJ is always on the field taking care of everyone
  • fully licensed and insured by the State of  Texas
  • A with the better business bereau
  • Air Conditioning Repair and Service is our most valued gift
  • Heating service and repair also a gift
  • Commercial air conditioning repair
  • Open 24/7
  • Experienced air conditioning technicians are national certified
  • Free in home estimated on equipment replacements and we give you 10% off is there is someone cheaper
  • Your home is clean when we get there and will be clean and save when we leave
  • Proudly serving your city

Air Conditioning Repair systemTired of High Energy Bills

By upgrading to the latest energy efficient air conditioning system you can cut your electric bill up to 50%.  That is right 50% imagine all the things you can do with that money!!! This will provide you with a perfect home. The thermostat will stay at the degree you want it. The air filtration will be 100% better. The temperature will stay cool or warm throughout the whole house. Not including it adds value to your home it is the best investment you home can have. We believe that the home air conditioning system is the heart of your home it keeps it comfortable so by giving a your home a new heart you should expect a perfect home environment, perfect moisture, perfect skin, no dry lips, no dry throat, no dry eyes. A new air conditioning system can give all this and more…..

For professional air conditioning service and repair experts call CJ Air Solutions Air Conditioning and Heating.

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Fast Air Conditioning Repair

We have repaired thousands of home air conditioning and heating systems over the years and have the stability required to be your preferred air conditioning and heating repair company for years to come. We take appointments on holidays and weekends. It’s all part of the CJ Air Solutions devotion to customer service. Your comfort and happiness is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Call our 24 Hour line to schedule an air conditioning repair or service at any time. We are sure to provide you with the best air conditioning repair service experience that you deserve.

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Should I Repair or Replace?”

Even the smallest increases in energy efficiency will turn into big saving this hot Summer. All of our air conditioning repair technicians are experts on saving you money. Our ac technicians are able to educate the customer on the exact detail of the problem and come up with a reasonable solution at an affordable rate to address the issue at hand.You can depend on us to provide only quality craftsmanship and an educated professional service and advice for many years to come.

What I Must Check Before Calling For Air Conditioning Repair?”

Before you call check:

Thermostat; If your thermostat is set too high, it is not going to provide enough cool air to keep you comfortable. Additionally, if it is not set to the “cool” setting, you might have the fan running, but no cold air.

Air Conditioning Filter: A clog or dirty filter can stop your air conditioning. Think about it its like trying to breathe with with your nose and mouth covered…. makes sense right?

There is Ice on My Condenser?”

If you notice any ice, turn off your air conditioner and leave it to thaw. Remove any debris from around outside vents. If after thawing your air conditioner still does not provide the cool air you need, it might be time to call for CJ Air AC repair.

How Long Do I Have To Wait For AC Repair Service?”

Here at CJ`s  we work around your schedule on your time. Our estimated time of arrival on average is within 1 hour or less.

We are so good at what we do that our warranty consists on 1 year labor and ac parts. If you ac repair fails for the same cause we will come out and fix it at NO COST TO YOU. This is how we keep our customer happy and know what we do Is Right The First Time.

Shedule Your AC Repair!”