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Today with the increase in the demand for air conditioners, it is important to find a qualified air conditioning service and repair company. Find a company who will take the time to listen to your wants, needs and design a unique solution. You are usually concerned regarding after sales, especially if the warranty period has expired. Moreover, if you’re residing in a busy cosmopolitan city, the task of finding a good air conditioning service company seems like a mountain in front of you.

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We provide excellent after sales services and is very cost effective as well. In view of the above it is not sufficient that you just choose any company that offers you a general service; in this way you may ruin your air conditioner and incur inherent losses. The service you need in this regard is one that is qualitative and has a substantial degree of expertise. Now to attain your desired objective of finding a company and efficient service you would need to adhere to the basics from the very on start.

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First and foremost, you must lay stress on the experience factor while considering hiring an air conditioning service company. On account of the experience they our team gathered, CJs will be able to provide you with prompt and cost effective solutions. We will also be able to tell you the exact nature of the problem and not beat around the bush. CJ Air would has remained in business for so many years and catering to a large client base.

Secondly, an experienced service company will be having experienced,  efficient Technicians who are well paid. The simple reason being that the skills of qualified service personnel cannot be matched with whom who is not qualified. These qualified service personnel hold a great deal of expertise in their field and will handle your air condition with care and will do a good and complete job. Here at CJ Air We are the employees because AC is what we know.

Thirdly, an experienced service company will always be at par with market rates with regards to costs and billings. They are not interested in shortcuts and fast gains; on the contrary they are more interested in providing quality services and superior products having a guarantee. A new comer in this regard will not be able to provide this type of after sales assurance and guarantee. They may try to lure you with discounts and cost-cuts; but don’t fall into their trap; it would be like being “penny wise and pound foolish”.

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downloadWater is not draining properly

If you have water leaking outside over a window and the air conditioner is not running more than likely you have a safety float switch. A safety float switch is a device that shuts off the air conditioner when the emergency drain pan fills up with water.

What is a safety float switch?

Is a device that is located in the emergency drain pan, the metal pan directly under the air conditioning evaporator coil. In most cases the primary condensate drain line is clogged up and water is draining out of the evaporator coil through the overflow plug.

Why does this happen?

This tends to happen when the air conditioning evaporator coil is dirty. The dirt and debris that collect on the evaporator coil start to get loose from the fins and eventually fall out. When it does fall out it goes in the drain and begins to settle, then more dirt debris come about and it begins to collect together.

Also sometimes when the water is not draining out of the primary drain fast enough it builds up and starts coming out of the secondary. This could be due to many things, unit not level, improper or double P trap, partially clogged drain line, among other things.

What can I do to repair it myself?

You will need to 4 things: an air compressor and 2 (¾) inch PVC couplings, along with PVC primer and glue, and PVC pipe cutters

Before you cut the PVC line get a bucket to hold the water that is about to come out. Make sure you can place the bucket as close to the PVC where you are about to cut

Now what you need to do is cut the PVC pipe before and after the P-trap. Sometimes the P-trap clogs up as well. Then you blow it out with the air compressor both ways and the P-trap itself.