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When there’s a concern with your heating furnace, don’t hesitate call the heating furnace repair The CJ Air Solutions Team. Professionals Service and outstanding reputation.  We handle all makes and models, including Trane furnaces and Trane heat pumps, getting the job done right the first time, in a timely manner.  Our licensed trained team, remains current with evolving technology and HVAC continuing education year after year. We have your furnace solutions to keep your home warm this cold Winter.

Our Furnace Repair Resume.

  • 50+ years of combined experience repairing air conditioners in the DFW.
  • We can always fix your air conditioning Guaranteed
  • CJ is always on the field taking care of everyone
  • fully licensed and insured by the State of  Texas
  • A with the better business bereau
  • Furnace Repair and Service is our most valued gift
  • Heating service and repair also a gift
  • Commercial air conditioning repair
  • Open 24/7
  • Experienced air conditioning technicians are national certified
  • Free in home estimated on equipment replacements and we give you 10% off is there is someone cheaper
  • Your home is clean when we get there and will be clean and save when we leave
  • Proudly serving your city

    Home HVAC TIPS 1 When a bargain’s not a bargain.

    If you don’t replace your indoor unit, you won’t be getting what you paid for. In fact, your system could be up to 15% less efficient than stated - and you’ll be less comfortable, too. That's why simply replacing just the outdoor unit isn't a bargain in the long run.

    Replacing the outdoor unit but leaving the old indoor unit may offer you the lowest price, but it won’t give you the best value. At best, when your air conditioning or heat pump components don’t match, you’ll be sacrificing comfort. The system may still "work," but it won’t perform up to the promised energy efficiency. Over time, this will also cost you more money. At worst, when the components aren’t matched, it could create undue stress on your cooling system, resulting in unnecessary, premature failure.

    Matched Systems Mean Maximum Satisfaction.

    When you consider the sacrifices and the added costs of repairing or replacing these unmatched units, installing a matched system the first time around makes good sense. You’ll get higher efficiencies, greater reliability and more comfort. And that’s a real bargain.

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     Before you blow the line

    Look for the sink that the air conditioner condensate drains into and cover it with a old towel. Close the drain so no water goes in or out.

    Once you have blown the drain line

    Pour about 2 to 3 gallons of water down the pipe to test and make sure that the water is draining

    If this "repair" is works out for you great! But before you hit the back button leave a commit below. We would really appreciate it Thanks and good luck.

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