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AC Service, Air Conditioner Maintenance & Air Conditioning Service in Murphy, TX

We service all  make, model, or age of your cooling equipment, regular maintenance is essential to peak performance.  The majority of repairs and system failures are easily and affordably prevented with proactive service. As a local air conditioning company, we know first-hand what it takes to keep a home comfortable in the hot summer months. Contact us to request professional AC service.

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  • 50+ years of combined experience repairing air conditioners
  • 100% guaranteed work
  • CJ is always on the field
  • fully licensed and insured by the State of Texas
  • Air Conditioning Repair and Service is our most valued gift
  • Open 24/7
  • Experienced air conditioning technicians are national certified
  • Proudly serving Murphy Tx

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downloadNo matter what type of AC Repair your home might have, we have the skills, knowledge and sense to repair your AC unit no problem. Call us now and well treat your home like our very own, with respect. In Murphy TX, AC repair is a priority. We’re always ready to respond.

Breathe Easier in Murphy Tx.

Today’s “tighter” Murphy homes are built to be more energy-efficient, and many seal in air as effectively as they keep the weather out. That may sound good at first, but it also means that air quickly gets stale. Plus, dust and other pollutants circulate throughout your home, settling on furniture, drapes, your heating and cooling equipment or, worse yet, your lungs. Today’s mechanical and high-efficiency electronic AIR CLEANERS offer trouble-free, low-maintenance cleaning that will remove up to 95% of all airborne particles and make your home environment healthier and more comfortable. A ventilating system can provide up to eight air changes a day and eliminate the unhealthy build-up of gases and contaminants in your home. It’s literally a breath of fresh air.

How Dry I Am.

Winter takes its toll on your indoor environment. The warm, dry air from your furnace or heat pump can damage wood moldings and furniture and sap your skin of its natural moisture. It even makes you feel colder because your body senses heat as a combination of temperature and humidity. If you add humidity with a HUMIDIFIER, you can actually set your thermostat a few degrees lower. You’ll feel just as warm, but you’ll notice the difference on your utility bills! Plus, you’ll replenish much-needed moisture to your home, making it a healthier, more comfortable place to spend your time.

In The Comfort Zone

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn off heating and cooling in a room the same way you can a light switch? You wouldn’t have to waste energy by heating or cooling a room you’re not using. A ZONING SYSTEM is the perfect solution. By putting heating and cooling where you need it most, zoning can enhance your overall comfort and reduce your energy costs by as much as 30%! No matter what climate you live in, you’ll find the best combination of comfort and energy savings with a complete indoor comfort system. Today’s energy-efficient components work together to give you precise temperature control, healthy air and the right level of humidity and the savings on your utility bill might just make you the most comfortable of all.

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