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CJ`s Warranty

This is what makes us better. CJ checks every air conditioning installation before completion. His installation expectations are way higher than the city code inspectors. His check list for air conditioning installation is very detailed and quality controlled to ensure that we never fail after a long day of installation. By the end of your installation you will have his cell and know that he will be around when you need him

The Air Conditioning Equipment We Install

You better bet it`s only the Best. We have worked with all air conditioning brands you can think of and let me tell you we have seen almost everything. We only offer products that are the highest on its class. American Standard the mother of air conditioners the best brand we can recommend. It gives you what it promises and we have very little customers that call because their American standard broke. Please believe that their warranty is also the best  10 years what more is there to ask.


Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning System Installation is A Big Decision and Investment, This Is Our Favorite Subject Because We Come From Installing Units

By upgrading to a energy efficient air conditioning system you are benefiting your pocket and the environment.

Not Rocket Science, But Building Science

It takes education, experience, training, and most of all dedication. Here at CJ Air Solutions we have certified home air conditioning installers that can educate you an all of you cost saving alternatives for you your home

Air Conditioning Installation Done The Right Way!

We use the most advanced programs technology has to offer up to date to correctly size and evaluate your home.  With over 10,000 installation on our resume you better bet we have the experience and knowledge you need for you air conditioning installation. With CJ Air Solutions your installation will be done per manufacturer specification as well as city codes installations.

Hire Professionalism, Guarantee, Reliability and Most Of All Experience…

100%  Air Conditioning Installation Guarantee

Even with the best air conditioning and heating products that are reliable and efficient, proper installation is critical to keeping you comfortable. Our guarantee consists on One year customer satisfaction. Which means is any part installed by CJ Air Solutions fails we will fix it no questions asked. Beyond installation, we offer a free preventive maintenance program you can count on to keep your system running at peak performance. So if your ac systems even thinks of giving you any issues is our problem not yours.


Event the smallest increases in energy efficiency will turn into big saving this hot Summer.

By upgrading to the latest energy efficient air conditioning system you can cut your electric bill up to 50%.   All of our air conditioning repair technicians are experts on saving you money. We have systems form 20 Seer to 10 Seer. We have the air conditioning system you are looking for

Yes We Have Your Size!

Call Now Complete Systems Starting at $3500.00. The Air Conditioning Equipment We Offer Is #1 On Customer Reports

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