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The Hot Texas Summer and Freezing Winter mean that for the majority of the year, your air conditioning system is working around the clock. Routine maintenance of your air conditioning system is key to keeping equipment in top shape, but with any mechanical equipment, malfunctions and breakdowns can happen.

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Heater FurnanceRoutine Maintenance

CHECK THE AIR FILTER IN YOUR FURNACE OR FAN COIL EVERY 3 TO 4 WEEKS. A dirty filter will cause excessive strain on your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump. Replace your filter when necessary, or clean it if you have the reusable type. (If you have a reusable filter, make sure it’s completely dry before you re-install it.) The pre filter and collection cells of an electronic air cleaner should be cleaned at least two or three times per year.

CLEAN DUST OFF OF YOUR INDOOR COIL. With a vacuum cleaner and soft-brush attachment, you can remove any dust from the top and underside of the coil. Make sure you only do this when the coil is dry. If you can’t get the coil clean this way, call your dealer for service.

KEEP YOUR OUTDOOR CONDENSING UNIT FREE OF DEBRIS. If you keep grass clippings, leaves, shrubbery and debris away from your outdoor unit, it should only require minimal care to operate properly. Check the base pan (under the unit) occasionally and remove debris, to help the unit drain correctly.,

If the outdoor coil becomes dirty, use a brush or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to clean the surface. To clean dirt that is deep in the coil, contact your dealer.

MAKE SURE YOUR OUTDOOR UNIT STAYS IN A LEVEL POSITION. If the support for your split-system outdoor unit shifts or settles and the unit is no longer level, re-level it promptly to make sure moisture drains properly out of the unit. If you notice that water or ice collects beneath the unit, arrange for it to be drained away from the equipment.

INSPECT YOUR FURNACE’S COMBUSTION AREA AND VENT SYSTEM BEFORE EACH HEATING SEASON. If you find dirt, soot or rust, your system may not operate properly or at its peak efficiency. Call your HVAC Company and do not operate your furnace until it is professionally inspected and/or repaired.

HAVE OIL-FIRED BOILERS INSPECTED ANNUALLY. Call your HVAC Contractor dealer before each heating season to replace your oil filter cartridge and conduct a thorough inspection of the unit’s operation.

CLEAN YOUR HUMIDIFIER AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY HEATING SEASON. Review your owner’s manual for the proper procedure to clean the external and internal components of your unit. The evaporator pad should also be replaced before each heating season. If the water in your area is hard or has high mineral content, you may need to clean or service your humidifier more frequently.

CLEAN THE CORE AND AIR FILTERS ON A VENTILATOR AT LEAST EVERY THREE MONTHS. You can vacuum the core of an energy recovery ventilator as long as it is dry and the outdoor temperature is between 60 F (16 C) and 75 F (24 C). Heat recovery ventilator cores can be soaked for three hours in a solution of warm water and mild soap and then rinsed. Ventilator air filters are washable: just use a vacuum to remove the heaviest accumulation of dust and then wash them in lukewarm water. Replace them after they are completely dry.

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